iTwixie Interview with Cynthia Closkey

by Jia Ji on May 22, 2009

in Interviews

iTwixie Logo

For the fourth part of our ongoing AlphaLab interview series, we are pleased to present three interviews with the team behind the recently launched iTwixie.

iTwixie is developing the ultimate online hangout for ‘tween’ girls. Today’s parents, educators and caregivers worry about how marketers approach their 8-14 year-old girls. iTwixie will inspire and unite ‘tween girls on a site that’s safe, age-appropriate and fun.

In this first team interview, Jia talks with iTwixie developer, Cynthia Closkey about how they developed their social network, why it’s like delicious and nutritious cereal, and the support AlphaLab provided them. Stay tuned more iTwixie interviews soon!

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