InnomiNet Interview about BitBlinder

by Jia Ji on May 14, 2009

in Interviews

For the third part of our ongoing AlphaLab interview series, we present a long free-form interview with the founders of InnomiNet about their recently launched BitBlinder network.

Marketers, corporations, criminals, and governments all monitor your online activities. Some even use filters to completely block your access to information. BitBlinder is software that gives you back your online freedom. BitBlinder aims to preserve your privacy and keep your IP address safe from them. It also allows you to avoid most restrictions and filters on you Internet access. BitBlinder supports both BitTorrent and normal web traffic. Go download it for free right now at!

In this minimally edited interview, Jia talks with InnomiNet cofounders, Josh Albrecht and Matt Kaniaris about BitBlinder, online privacy rights, the Tor anonymity network, the MIT Open Source License, peer-to-peer filesharing, safe harbor provisions, government watch lists, and hacker honeypots. Don’t worry if you don’t understand most of those terms since the interview starts off with a proposed martial arts demonstration that quickly morphs into an awkward bromantic gesture.

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